Christine Fronterotta

Christine grew up as a competitive gymnast for 14 years. Years of heavy training had taken a toll on her body at a young age, and she decided to make a change in her mid-teens. She wasn’t quite sure what life was without gymnastics, but one thing was for certain. She always felt a connection and distant song in her being. She always felt a tug in her Spirit to something deep, something she could not put into words, or link with any one religion. Spirituality had always seemed to be a part of her, and she felt most connected to this spiritual calling in nature. It wasn’t until later in life that she discovered yoga, and what a beautiful discovery it was. She was able to link safe, kind, athleticism of the body, with the thoughts of the mind, and depth of the Spirit. She took a leap of faith and decided to become an instructor 4 years ago, and leave a career in animal care that she had worked hard for. However there was something calling her Soul, and she decided to listen to the signs and songs of the Universe.

She loves to incorporate power, Hatha, vinyasa yoga, with gentle hums of spirituality and sound healing to offer a space for each of those who choose to come to her to explore the depths of their own truth and being. She offers words, movement, breathe, sound vibrations, and other healing energetic modalities such as Reiki, only so you can take in whatever your soul needs. Let yourself morph and change from there. She is here to create a space for you to discover yourself. 

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