Aerial Yoga and Dance Classes

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Aerial yoga: Aerial Yoga is the union of strength, grace, and flexibility. It adds an extra challenge to your practice by integrating balance and core strength, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of how to master weightlessness. Using the aerial hammock as a prop to increase flexibility, decompress the spine, and stimulate the lymphatic system. It is both restorative and vigorous combining movement with breath inviting the natural flow of creativity that emerges from an embodied state.
Aerial Dance: This class is an exploration of how you can answer your soul’s calling, birthing your story through the sacred art of movement.
In each of us lies a truth that longs to be told… 
Embodying Grace is the practice of being who you are, reflected in what you do. It’s something generated from within that becomes transformative on a cellular level.
We’ll use an integrated and spiritual approach to performance art by developing tools that create meaningful connections with our own creativity and life experiences. In each class, students will learn a short sequence and will have the opportunity to explore different theories of performance mixing the mediums of yoga dance and aerial.
About Alicia

Alicia Marie is an Aerial Yogi and a legend in the field of aerial performance. As an aerialist, she toured extensively with rock legends like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, and later with Lucent Dossier, pioneers of the underground cirque. She has performed for the Dalai Lama and headlined with Lucent Dossier at Lighting in a bottle, Coachella, Boom and many other top music festivals around the globe.

As an aerial innovator, she created and then performed on a range of original apparatuses that transformed the way audiences experience aerial today.

As a choreographer, she has trained many of today’s top performers, and as a creative director/producer for Lucent Dossier, she collaborated with projection mapping revolutionaries like 3DLive to create the first 3D live stage show in the Sahara tent at Coachella in 2016.

Alicia’s classes reflect a deep sense of embodiment, sensuality, and grace, as she integrates the mysteries of the inner realms with the expression of the outer reality. In her words, “Freedom does not lie in the perfect line; it’s what lives in between them. Grace comes from understanding how the sum of the parts moves in perfect union.”

With this intention, she seeks to transform the paradoxes of life into offerings of embodied wisdom.

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