Akayate Morales

A dancer by nature & a lifelong student of movement, Akayate has traveled the globe in both the pursuit of various complex dance forms, & as a stage performer. A recent survivor of deadly wasp venom, she has begun cultivating a serious yoga practice as a humble & grateful student at Danyasa.

Having attended FIDM in San Francisco, she is well versed in pattern-making, sewing, draping, & clothing construction. For over ten years, she has created her own costumes & dancing props from up-cycled materials & indigenous weavings in order to reinvent sacred adornment & honor the ancient goddess’. With an affinity for being a personal stylist & consultant, she is passionate about sustainable textiles & excited to help you adorn your temple in the Bamboutique!

Akayate Danyasa boutique and fashion expert and reception desk diva

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