Amanda Palmer

After a serious motorcycle accident in 2009 which left her with a broken neck, severe road rash and various injuries, Amanda began her path into self exploration and the world of healing arts. This path turned her world upside down and opened her eyes to new possibilities. The mold of what she should be doing was broken and she decided to instead follow her dreams of what she truly wanted to do. She first obtained a degree in welding in Florida and then moved to North Carolina to become a whitewater rafting guide. From there she decided to explore anything and everything that sparked (welding reference) her interest. Her adventures eventually led her to visit Costa Rica at the end of 2014, and her month long visit felt like coming home and thus she decided to make Dominical her new home.

Amanda moved to Costa Rica in 2015 after falling in love with the lush jungles, pristine beaches and Pura Vida lifestyle. In the town of Dominical she took her 200-hr yoga training at Danyasa and decided to stay on and work.  At Danyasa, she began to deepen her yoga practice. Yoga added a sense of softness to her active life allowing her to deepen awareness and really enjoy each movement and breath. After years of pushing her body with running, rock climbing, circuit training, whitewater rafting and other physical activities, yoga opened space to slow down and listen. Through yoga, Amanda learned to accept herself just the way she is – to embrace all of her strengths and limitations, to focus on the moment to moment experience and to aspire to be present, not perfect. For Amanda, being a yogini means exploring one’s true self with an open heart and loving compassion. Her goal is to share the gift of yoga and to invite others on a journey of self love and self acceptance just as they are.

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