Empowerment Through Pleasure

With Melissa Boord

Friday, December 22nd  2 – 5 pm

Ladies join Melissa for this deeply inspiring and educational workshop.

“I have found that our pleasure is NOT optional and that a woman’s radiance is her largest and most important gift to the world.”  Melissa

In this workshop, you will be opened to the healing of your own self-pleasure.

We will look at our own shame and core beliefs around our sexuality and that of the world around us.
You will be guided through breath work, white tantric meditations and the importance of breast massage.

We will be discussing Orgasm for health, Orgasm as our superpower and exploring subjects of yoni massage, de-armoring your vagina, genital acupuncture points for healing and erotic edges. All of this and more is a delicious path that takes you as a woman to owning and celebrating your sensual self.
When we do this for ourselves we give those around us the permission to do the same.
Living a turned on life is where we thrive.

“The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest & most impelling of all human emotions. When harnessed & transmuted into action, may raise one to the status of a genius.”  – Napoleon Hill

Melissa is bold, honest, passionate, and full of wisdom. She taps into the wild truth of humans without any hesitation – what a fresh breeze and courage! I believe her workshops should be taken by all the women AND men on this planet!

Junko KoKo NiWa


$25 advance  |  $30 day of

Empowerment Through Pleasure

Melissa is a phenomenal facilitator of Sacred Sexuality and ancient women’s business… I have been a blessed recipient of her work for 3 years now and she has CHANGED MY LIFE! Her gentle and alluring energy seduces me to rise to all of the woman that I am over and over again! Book a session with her today, you will be AMAZED!!! xxxx



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