Kelsey Kazaam

Kelsey believes in the power to heal and help others through connection, communication, and nourishment.  Kelsey taught Special Education for teens with emotional and behavioral struggles in Chicago. She designed a mindfulness based curriculum geared towards young women that she implemented with great success. Kelsey is currently living in Costa Rica while creating programming for young women geared towards mindfulness, emotional-intelligence, eco-psychology, and holistic living. Communication, compassion, and collaboration are all art forms in which Kelsey has years of expertise. Kelsey has taken the position of guest liaison at Danyasa. One can find Kelsey in our main living quarters or boutique with a smile on her face; always happy to assist guests with questions, concerns, or simply offer a compassionate ear. 

Kelsey is a vegan chef for Edible Alchemy in their mobile kitchens and for retreats at Danyasa. She is passionate about the power of eating whole foods that are prepared with love, positivity, and passion. She feels that when food is made with positive energy, it can be absorbed into those that enjoy it and spread around communities. Kelsey will be offering her loving energy through breakfast service for guests.

As an avid student of life, Kelsey has pursued knowledge of various forms of movement and energy healing modalities. Kelsey has been a practicing Reiki Practitioner two years and recently became a 200-hr registered yoga teacher specializing in the teachings of both Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Kelsey continues to study and pursue certifications in anything and everything that entices her.

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