with Amber Hagberg

August 1-6, 2018

Wake up each morning where the ocean meets the jungle. Start and end each day with a yoga class. Nourish yourself with three healthy, local meals a day. Lay in the warm sand under the sun as you listen to the ocean waves, read a book, or journal. Connect to your inner child as you play and participate in a partner yoga workshop. A surf lesson in the warm waters of the Costa Rican southern pacific ocean!! Don’t forget about adventuring through the jungle and discovering waterfalls.

All Inclusive Retreat:

  • 5 nights of accommodation within 5 minutes walking distance to the beach.
  • 2-3 amazing and vibrant meals a day
  • Daily Yoga class with Amber
  • One Special Evening with Yin Yoga and Live Music
  • Daily Surf Lessons with a qualified instructor (Beginner – Advanced)
  • One Day of practicing Noble Silence ( No talking, Phones )
  • Introduction to Intermittent Fasting
  • Bonfire Beach Ceremony
  • Access to Pool, River, and Beach Daily
  • Waterfall, Treeplanting, Covered in Blue Clay, Picnic Day? WHAT?!
  • Transportation to and from airport
    Learn how to have a daily yoga practice, on and off the yoga mat. Practice and learn new meditation and prayanama ( breathing ) techinques.

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