Return to Love Workshop and Ecstatic Dance

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Return to Love

An Intimate Meeting with our Divine Nature

With special guests Rara Avis and Naomi Jason
A Devotional Ceremony to Honor 
The Masculine and Feminine
Movement Meditations
Sacred Vocal Journey
Sound Healing
Soften Your Body | Surrender to the Flow | Access Your True Voice | Touch Your Authentic Nature | Reunite with King and Queen Within Your Hear
Saturday, January 12th, 2-5 pm
$30 pre-register

What does it look like to cultivate love?

What does it mean to create a harmonious, supportive relationship between masculine and feminine energies, both in our bodies and in our lives?

In this ritual experience, we will explore these questions using tools, practices, and insights drawn from both ancient and contemporary disciplines.

The facilitators, Naomi and Rara, have been actively studying the current and historical dissonance between these two fundamental forces, and how that dissonance is playing out in our human culture.  What they have found is that for thousands of years there has been a profoundly destructive power struggle between the two, most commonly played out between men and women, but also within each of us on an archetypal level.

They have committed themselves to foster in-depth healing and promote a culture of peace between and within individuals by looking transparently and deeply at this core disconnect in our species.

As the feminine rises up in power, so the masculine must learn to find its place of balance and fluidity in contemporary society.

This is true whether you are in an active partnership with another person, or people – or are currently dancing with the divine on your own.  The practices we will explore incorporate singing, meditation, yoga, qi gong, dance, sound healing, deep relaxation and a closing circle to share and reflect on our life experience in the realm of masculine/feminine relationships.

About the facilitators:

Naomi Jason: Founder of Dance Temple Salt-Spring

Naomi is a pure-hearted visionary, community leader and artist with a passion for authentic embodiment and global system change. She is a co-founder of Dance Temple in coastal BC, Canada, a producer of multi-disciplinary events and theatre, embodiment facilitator, artist, seed-saver, yoga teacher and qigong therapist. She is currently in a deep investigation of what it might mean to co-create villages of peace research on this beautiful earth.

In her journey with embodiment, she inspires people of all ages and walks of life to engage with their own physical wisdom in safe and playful ways. She invites you to join her in the question, “what is true contact with life force?” and brings this question to the larger frame of how we relate to each other and our world. What would it look like to live in a culture of connection where we become conscious of the interplay between what we create and what has created us?

Naomi is honored to be co-creating experiences with her dear companion, Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis) and to be holding space together for music, movement and the deepening of trust.

Your sets touch my heart in ways that are deep and profound… Your vulnerability and deep sharing creates and holds a safe place that inspires up to go deeper into our hearts.

Cindy Thompson

Alex King-Harris aka Rara Avis: Global Music Pioneer

Rara Avis (Latin for rare bird), born Alex King-Harris, is a leader in transformational music experiences. His immersive sonic environments incorporate a multi-instrumental, omni-cultural approach, mixing pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements. Flute, guitar, didgeridoo, harmonic overtone singing, opening prayers and DJ techniques are layered together to create the backdrop for a mindful and embodied experience – inspiring ecstatic journeys in venues as intimate as a yoga studio and as sprawling as a festival setting.

Rara’s influences include blues, psychedelic rock, jazz, funk, African, Middle Eastern and East Indian music, and a wide range of electronic dance music. Playing with Desert DwellersShamans Dream and Liquid Bloom laid the foundation for his current solo work on Six Degrees Records.

In addition to his work as an artist, he is also the CEO and co-founder of, a digital streaming and download music service focused on the yoga and wellness communities.

Return To Love Workshop Pre-Register

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