Sacred Womb Cleaning with Grandmother Kaariina

February 19, 4 – 6pm

According to the Kogi tradition, this is the time of the return to Sacred Economy, Sacred Sites, and the Sacred Womb. The Sacred Womb, once its cleansed, becomes a vaginal entrance to the rest of our lives.  We are creating a new cosmogenisis on planet Earth through the Worth of Women.

Grandmother Kaariina M.Ed.Coun. comes to this calling for Sacred Womb Clearing at a perfect time. She brings maturity, wisdom, compassion and humor. This orientation will leave you aware of resources to continue your own inner healing. You are not alone! In her 40 years of experience, she has touched the lives of thousands of people. We’re here to honor you!

Eliza Volk LMBT is an intuitive hands-on healer who brings strength and commitment to each touch.  Her passion is to empower full creative potential.   

Womb Clearing with Grandmother Kaariina

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