Sacred Wombs, Sacred Wounds, Sacred Women

with Maite Onochie & Grandmother Kaariina

Saturday March 17th, 2:00 – 6:00pm

$45 Pre Register  |  $50 Day of

The divine feminine has been awakened and women are being called to circle again.

COME join us on the New Moon March 17th for a deep diving into the uterus of the future, relieving the wombs of the past from suppression repression and depression!

This Danyasa offering is an intentional partnering with women who trust one another and more profoundly, trust their own strengths with integrity as our mantra! These gatherings world round are a simple yet complex way to discreate a point of view from ancestral traumas that no longer serve the mastery and the mystery that lives within each sister.

Women will experience the lightning of souls and the greater expansiveness of spirit as we remember our true wild hearts and natures. Expect a combination of the movement medicines of ceremony music for the soul and spirit yoga asanas to release sounds and heart songs!

Maite Onochie

Maite’s offerings are deeply heart-womb centred and expressed through deep passion and gratitude, especially when she supports birthing people, new parents and those seeking to consciously conceive. Maite weaves the ancient practices of the yogic tradition, her academic background as a social anthropologist and the latest scientific evidence that supports and reaffirms the ancient ways of returning to the body through intentional breathwork, expressive movement, prayer and intention.

Grandmother Kaariina

Grandmother Kaariina M Ed Coun, guardian and keeper of Sacred Wheels, has a great passion for women’s womb and moon lodges! Long ago, she realized that women’s destiny is this earths destiny! Gma brings 40 years of transformational education, leadership experience, cultivations by both REIKI lineage (Tibetan) as well as shamanic training (universal & Reindeer).
Grandma Kaariina is bloodline shamanka with epigenetics from Mongolia, Tuva, Siberia and northern Finland. Traveling for 15 years, Kaariina is an energetic adept, a strong and fierce light for truth and a discipline healer for humanity. Her passion is for nonviolence and purpose: to end the lies of separation from source. She longs for family reunions and lives the Way of Council, knowing that partnerships can be alchemized and traumas no longer serve as a basis for conversations.

Sacred Wombs, Sacred Wounds, Sacred Women

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