Systema Breathing Workshop

Saturday, November 17

1:00- 4:00pm


Systema Breathing: Increasing Well- Be-ing

Led by Jonathan MacCaul

This workshop will focus on Systema health practices and more importantly, the application of breathing principles to cultivate awareness of the mind-body connection.

These principles can be applied to every waking moment of your life and will help you discover greater ease in work and play, helping to free and preserve the body while cultivating awareness, strength and endurance.

Participants will learn exercises and techniques that they can add to there own “self-care toolbox” for freeing the body of tension, moving with grace and ease and inducing true relaxation.

Cost:  $28 pre-register, $35 at the door

Ecstatic dance in Bamboo Yoga Play studio

Systema Breathing Workshop

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