Thai Yoga and Russian Systema Massage Workshop

Saturday, December 15

1:00- 4:00pm

Massage Workshop

Join us for this fun and dynamic workshop experiencing how to give (and receive) Thai Yoga and Russian Systema massage!

Learn simple and effective techniques and sequences for releasing tension in others (and yourself) as well as practical principles for better breathing, posture, movement and relaxation.

Walk away not only feeling relaxed and rejuvenated but also with the confidence to safely apply passive and dynamic stretching and massage techniques to increase the wellbeing of your partner, family members and friends.

During this workshop, you will work with a partner taking turns to apply what is learned during our three hours together.

No massage experience is necessary!

Bring a partner, or we are happy to find you one in class.

Exchange: $28 pre-register,  $35 day-of

Ecstatic dance in Bamboo Yoga Play studio

Thai Yoga and Russian Systema Massage Workshop

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