Womb Wisdom Workshop


Sunday, March 10th

2:00 -5:00 pm

“Women’s health will never change substantially unless large groups of women begin to reclaim the wisdom of their bodies collectively” Christiane Northrup

Together we will embark on a journey deep into the dark, moist, mysterious and infinitely fertile void that is your womb space: the womb as the space where the impulse of life begins, right at the core of who you are.

Join me on a journey of deep remembrance, of returning to the body of knowledge/intelligence that resides within you and yet it may be dormant or distorted, it may have been suppressed or even repressed; and in spite of that discover, reclaim and embody the ancient memories that are ready to wake up.  

We are living in very special times where feminine cyclical wisdom is starting to be available again, where menstruation is revered and considered sacred, where we are transcending the competition and comparison between women, and instead we are coming together, to strengthen our ties and in sisterhood support each other, and weave beautiful creations.

This is an offering for you woman, for the many of us around the world, who are becoming increasingly curious to unravel more and connect again to the deep alchemical secrets we carry. The feminine principles are rising, and within that, more and more women are gathering to listen more fully, to turn the gaze within, to release shame, grief, trauma and doubt, letting go of the loathing of the body and instead reclaim our truths.

  • What would it be like to return to the wisdom of your body and re-learn to trust her messages?
  • How would you live your life if you considered your body to be your ally?
  • What if you authentically and unconditionally loved and respected ALL of who YOU ARE as your most precious creation?
  • How would it be to know, deep within you, that each part of your anatomy and process of your feminine body holds ancient wisdom and infinite power?

The portal is ready and opened. THE WOMB GIVES US IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL THESE WISDOM. Let us dive in together! The feminine ancestral ways are to be receptive, to slow down, be gentle and compassionate with us, and return to the sacredness of the body.

This juicy workshop will be an offering where I bring to you a map to navigate the wisdom that your cyclical body offers to you every month. Through different modalities: expressive movement, breath work, and guided visualisations I will invite you to connect to your bodies’ wisdom, and more specifically to retrieve and remember the codes from your sexual hormones. What if you saw your hormones as very informative wise women who are with you throughout your lunar cycle constantly sharing their wisdom? And yet often times in our modern living we are disconnected from our hormones, we negate them and even despise them. This workshop is an opportunity to learn and dive deep into the hormonal wisdom held within your womb: remember, reclaim and then embody this knowledge.

Doors will open at 1.30pm; workshop will start at 2pm and end at 5pm.

For this ceremonial workshop, please bring with you:

  • Journal and Pen
  • Favourite drinking Mug
  • Your favourite crystals or sacred objects for the collective altar

… Come in comfortable clothes that allow free movement, and you are welcome to adorned yourself as your current most authentic expression.

The workshop will be led by Maite Onochie -Yoga Teacher, Full Spectrum Doula and Conscious Parenting companion. Maite is a certified yoga teacher and doula, with a focus on women’s bodies and womb-centric yogic practices, and with deep passion to support and guide women through transformational awakenings. For more information, please check Maite’s website www.maiteonochie.com and contact details.

In Advance: $30  |  At the Door: $35

Embody Womb Wisdom

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