Women’s Yoga: At Every Stage of Life’s Cycles

Guided by Maite Onochie

 4:00- 5:15pm Every Saturday

Women’s Yoga explores the holistic healing force that a very specific women-centred yoga practice can offer, which supports women’s life-long wellbeing and vitality but also the unfolding of cyclical wisdom. Every week we will journey together through different ideas as our focus of practice, from exploring our ability to deepening our instinct, to cultivating strength, believing in the Self, soothing anxiety and fear to encouraging more trust in the body and the process of birth. Expect a refined and sensitive yoga practice for women.

It is an opportunity also for women in the area to come together, and build a stronger community and support systems around birthing and motherhood and also as a healing space for women, especially when there have been experiences of either voluntarily or spontaneously miscarrying or for women on the path of conscious conception. There is great power in women coming together and sharing in circles: consciousness alters, energy is shifted, and burdens are lifted.  Depending on the make up of the group class will be a swift mix between English and Spanish.

About Maite

Maite was first introduced to yoga in her early twenties but from a young age her inquisitive mind drew her to study and explore different spiritual traditions. Born to a Nigerian father and a Spanish mother her exposure to a variety of cultures nurtured a quest for studying social anthropology, for traveling, for a deeper understanding of the humankind and the big existential questions. Her study of yoga began answering some of them.

After more than 10 years dedicated to social and international development work, and traveling the globe extensively from Afghanistan to Panama, passing through Thailand and Venezuela to name a few, she decided in 2013 to serve others through her yoga practice. Maite then, moved to Costa Rica and became certified with Sofiah at Danyasa Eco Resort.

Maite is also a certified Full Spectrum Doula (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) and Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

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